Saturday, July 20, 2019

Day Three ~ London Fog

The morning started with breakfast at the hotel before heading to catch the train and Tube to get into the city. Our first stop of the morning was just out side of St. Paul's Cathedral where the youth found a telephone booth for a picture op. How many American's can you fit in a British telephone booth? Well the answer today would be six! We then walked a short distance to the Millennium Bridge and crossed over the River Thames to Shakespeare's Globe Theatre for another picture op. Then back to St. Paul's we went for a tour of the Cathedral. After the tour, we went up 528 steps to the Golden Gallery looking over London. A highlight of Charlie's, who stated, "St. Paul's was magnificent. It was a long hard climb to the top, but it was worth it as the views were awesome!" After St. Paul's it was time for lunch at the International Headquarter of the Salvation Army, then off for some shopping at Covent Garden's. Walking from there we passed through Trafalgar Square where we played with (on) the lions, on our way to Buckingham Palace to visit with the Queen. Unfortunately, she was not in, so we decided to take a trip over to Harrods's to do some exploring around the massive department store. After spending about an hour there, we headed back to Wembley for dinner and a movie, before calling it a night. FYI, we tracked about 22,000 steps today!!!

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