Sunday, July 14, 2019

Chaperones ~ Brian & Jocassa Loop

Chaperones for this year's exchange are Brian and Jocassa Loop. The Loops have hosted some of the Bradford/Leeds youth in the past during their stay in SW Virginia. Brian & Jo have been active in the diocesan youth program, as adult YMT members for many years. They work with the YMT (Youth Mission Team) in the planning and logistical aspects of events, including Fall Youth Event, Youth @ Convention, Spring Youth Event, and the YMT Retreat. They attend St. John's Episcopal Church in Roanoke, VA, and volunteer with the youth programs there. Both have worked with the high school and middle school youth groups, helping with confirmation classes and chaperoning youth events. Jocassa serves on the vestry and Brian serves as a verger, working with the acolytes. Married for 25 years, they have two children. Christian is a rising senior at Virginia Tech. He was very active as a youth at St. John's and a YMT member for the diocese. He also participated in the exchange in 2015. Hatley is participating this year in the Leeds Exchange and is profiled in this blog. They also have their beloved bassethound, Rosie. About the program, the Loops state, "It has been a privilege watching these youth grow in their community and spiritually with each other. We are excited to be sharing this experience with them. They are a great group and their parents should be very proud."

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