Sunday, July 21, 2019

Day Four ~ Trains, Trains, and more Trains!

Today was a travel day for the group, and started with breakfast at the hotel and checking out. After storing luggage at the hotel we headed into London to visit the Natural History Museum via the Marylebone train, Bakerloo Line, and Piccadilly Line. Trains one, two, and three. After a couple of hours at the museum, we did the reverse trip back to the hotel to have a quick lunch and pick up luggage. Trains four, five, and six. Then off to King's Cross Station to catch the train to Leeds, England. Trains seven, eight, nine, and ten. The London to Leeds train was a very nice high speed rail that lasted about 3 hours, so there was a chance to rest and catch our breathe.Then once in Leeds, we did a quick train swap and took our last train for the day to Bradford. Train ELEVEN!!! We were met there by Karen and Simon with transportation to St. Christopher's in Holme Wood. Once there, Charlie, Cole, and Abby settled in with host Gary & Helen in the Vicarage, who are Vicar's at St. Christopher's, and Hatley, Nora, and Cailin settled in with Phillipa and Ami in a house next door. Gary gave us a quick history on the background of Holme Wood & followed that with a walking tour.  We enjoyed the cool fresh air before heading back to the Vicarage for a relaxing dinner of Yorkshire pudding, mash potatoes, creamed pea, and sausages, being joined by Liam, Katherine, and Mathew. After conversation, a desert of ice cream and Hobnob's, we all headed off to bed for the night.

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