Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Day Six ~ Bradford Immersion

After meeting at St. Christopher's, our group stepped just outside the church to the bus stop. Sarah, Rachel (British chaperones), Ryan, and Jack joined us & we all hopped a bus to the center of Bradford. We walked a short distance to the Science & Media Museum where we met up with Tony. We had a couple of hours to explore the museum that includes exhibits on the moon landing, history of British TV, and a history of video games with working systems that have been obsolete for years. When we finished there we took a short walk through the streets of Bradford. We ended up in a park next to the government building where we met Liam with a lunch picnic. Bradford Cathedral was next, it is one of three cathedrals in the Diocese of Leeds, since the merger of Diocese of Ripon, Wakefield, and Bradford a few years ago. We were greeted by The Very Rev. Jerry Lepine, Dean of the Cathedral and were able to spend time walking around and taking pictures. We traveled to another part of Bradford to Mandi Masjid, a Muslim mosque and met Rifaaqat Ali who sat down with the group to explain the muslim culture in Bradford, how they prayer, and their theology. "It was really neat to see how the culture here is centered around the mosque and that it is a community not unlike ours. I was also surprised at how much alike our beliefs are, and how similar the Bible and Qoran are.", stated Abby, who along with the others took part in a prayer reading. 

To get a little more taste of the diverse culture of Bradford, we headed to the Bombay Stores. Full of Indian dresses, saris, sherwani's, bangles, and other accessories, the group did a little shopping before heading to dinner of Indian curry. After dinner we ended the day at Phillipa's for ice cream and games.

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